Weaving a story and turning it into a movie is a craft as much as it is an art.


This December marked five years of the movie Niruttara and six years of our association with the makers. Memories from the pre-production phase of this movie are still as good as new. Essentially because for us it stays as a learning in life.

It so happened that our office became sort of a command center for the team of Niruttara. The complete process of pre-production took off from our office. Oh, what a fun ride it was.

Not only the chance to work in the Kannada film industry but also an all rounder experience of various elements coming together to make a full-length feature film.

Pre-production is an essential step in the filmmaking process. We saw the entire process take shape starting from finalizing a script till rehearsing and working with the actors before the shoot finally starts.

This experience was like a film-making workshop for our team at Agna. We learnt the whole process of script writing, editing, storyboarding, budgeting, casting and so on. We learnt the importance of a crew coming together and joining various bits and pieces to give a form to the film in the making. Richness of having to experience all of it first hand is close to what one might learn over a period of three years in a film school.

We were already into making films and documentaries by then, but this experience helped us refine our structure of the process.

Working with the champions of their individual fields, Apurva Kasavaralli(Director) and H.M Ramchandra(director of photography) taught us the importance of collaboration which further enhanced our storytelling capabilities.

Passion, Practice,Perfection a combination of these elements were reflected in their work process. We had an amazing time shooting the cast of Niruttara, #Bhavana (also the Producer), #rahulbose , #aindritaray , and #Kiran Srinivas . Capturing their personalities immersed in their characters was an exposure critical to the process of filmmaking.

We at Agna believe in growing constantly and adapting to changes with time. We reinvent ourselves with time and experiences constantly. This approach keeps us relevant at all times and keeps our mojo going.

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