How does a long-term association with your visual partner help your narrative?

Childhood is one phase of life that people remember fondly. It is that time of life when hope and aspirations are at an all-time high. Young brains are developing and learning at every moment by collecting information and observing their surroundings.  

Hence a happy and content childhood is a crucial necessity for the overall growth of a person. However, for a large portion of children across India, this is only a luxury, which they dream of.

Bal Utsav is an organization that works to make this dream become a reality and strives to protect the hope and aspirations of a young nation, enabling lakhs of children to live their childhood and to learn, cherish, and celebrate life.  

We should probably thank our stars and love for coffee that  paved a way for Bal Utsav and Agna to meet.

A chance meeting at a coffee shop led to a 12-year-long association and friendship between Agna and Bal Utsav. They experience the stories and we narrate them.

In the present day, 

Education is essential to broaden one’s understanding of the world they live in, and an integral part of ensuring morals and ethics are taught at the right stage. And Bal Utsav is making it accessible, desirable, and comfortable for lakhs of children to learn, thus enriching the lives of the children, and ensuring the future generations grow up to become kind and compassionate human beings.

Bal Utsav has been working with the government and collaborating with corporates to bridge the unfair distribution of a necessity like education. They use their potential to gather like-minded people and organizations and put the manpower and financial resources to work without wasting any time. Bal Utsav does a marvelous job of identifying problems in society and working on solutions. 

Primarily their focus is on improving the quality of life of people who are underserved by making education interesting and accessible. Bal Utsav was able to recognise the gap in the student teacher ratio in government schools and they decided to curb the gap by introducing smart classes to make sure the learning and teaching process is smooth and uninterrupted. Online learning is the new normal now (post Covid) but to think of it and implement it in remote rural areas a couple years back tells how deeply involved they are in their journey of social change. 

Their strong orientation toward giving back to society doesn’t let them confide in a single problem though, they act on issues as they come. 

A striking sense of vulnerability was faced by the whole country during the covid lockdown and Bal utsav took the initiative of reaching out to the people who had nothing to call their own, migrant laborers, potters, homeless people ,Hijra’s (transgenders) who seek alms for a living and also the priests who were dependent on the donations and officiating rituals to lead a life. They also reach out to help people get out of natural disasters, be it in our country or elsewhere. This openness that they operate with creates a positive impact on so many people in so many ways that it’s inspirational to witness.

 To witness the passion that they have for working on the dreams and aspirations of this country’s future has been a humbling experience. It made us stop and reflect on everything we take for granted. Being in this industry we’ve been in close contact with a lot of celebrities and famous people, which – if we’re honest – gets to your head. We’re grateful for this friendship for many reasons, but primarily for reminding us to stay in touch with the important things in life such as purpose, passion, and gratitude.

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